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The Axellis Compensator Service: 24 to 72 hr delivery.

Platform independent
The web-based ordering and management system runs on the same system as your treatment
planning system, minimizing the time and cost of moving files between systems.

Our secure HIPAA-compliant web-based ordering and data transmission system enables radiation
oncology professionals to upload their prescribed fluence map for conversion directly into an Axellis

Optimised compensator data files are immediately available for import back into the treatment
planning system for dose verification and, final clinical adjustments prior to confirming manufacture.

Once confirmed, data files enter our automated system, where computer-controlled production
facilities manufacture precise compensator moulds for delivery to the clinic in 24 to 72 hours.

With minimal human intervention, your compensator order is placed into a secure web-based system
enabling real-time retrieval and tracking. Our controlled environment ensures that only authorised
signatories are able to specify and approve compensator moulds.

Financial impact
Axellis Crystalline Tungsten IMRT Compensators enable simplified treatment planning and budgeting,
avoiding capital equipment and maintenance costs. Axellis compensators are ordered to suit your
needs and with a simple on-site assembly procedure enabling re-use of the tungsten, there are
significant freight savings and minimal impact to existing staff workloads.

Services & Solutions

Delivering high resolution IMRT
using Axellis Crystalline Tungsten
The Axellis Client Gateway provides
registered professional users with secure
access to proprietary software tools and
services where you can design, validate,
order, track and record your work.