Enhanced radiation therapy solutions:

Axellis provides an online service for beam modulation and IMRT compensator design for both traditional brass
compensators or its propeirtary Tungsten-filled IMRT Compensator system. Both are available in a wide range of sizes
and have been proven to be more accurate than conventional ‘machined’ compensators or the majority of MLCs.

The Axellis patented patient positioning technology enables accurate medical restraints to be made from
3D scans of the patient, without body contact, and shipped to the treatment center ready for use
center ready for use within 72 hrs, enabling prompt commencement of radiotherapy treatment.   Read more.

Axellis Crystalline Tungsten IMRT Compensators.
Delivering – high resolution, low cost  IMRT treatments.

Modern radiotherapy is all about using technology to define the target, improving focus and minimise side effects.
Axellis Crystalline Tungsten IMRT Compensators reduce peripheral radiation exposure and establish a new standard
in safety and accuracy due to their design, improved attenuation and reduced peripheral radiation leakage. Axellis
deliver complete sets of empty compensator molds to treatment centers – for onsite filling with re-useable Crystalline Tungsten, providing
significant cost savings and flexibility over traditional brass compensators and often cost effectively beating MLC performance.

Individually prepared compensators enable delivery of a precise radiation dose to the tumor site, especially for treatments requiring high resolution such as paediatrics and where tumors lie close to other critical organs such as head and neck, spinal, breast, prostate or lung. Tungsten IMRT delivers a prescribed, homogeneous radiation dose to tumors while minimising collateral damage to surrounding organs and tissues. Due to their highly accurate attenuation Axellis compensators can be particularly beneficial in treating paediatric patients, head and neck, prostate, lung and breast tumors where proximity to other critical organs may be challenging.   Read more.

By using the Axellis outsourced compensator service, clinics are able to provide high quality IMRT treatment to a broad range of patients with a lower overall dose of radiation, reducing patient risk, reducing costs and enabling better utilisation of existing assets including staff and space.
Axellis IMRT compensators are FDA 510k registered and available for use with conventional radiotherapy equipment supported with Varian Eclipse, ADAC Pinnacle and CMS-Elekta XiO treatment planning systems. Compensators for use with other planning systems can be provided on request.   Axellis IMRT compensators are manufactured as a light, robust polyurethane mold filled with highly attenuating, re-useable Crystalline Tungsten. Independent tests have shown the proprietary design software, Crystalline Tungsten attenuator and advanced manufacturing technology used by Axellis delivers compensators with high resolution and fine control over radiation beam attenuation.

Highest resolution and accuracy.
By precisely matching the original optimal fluence requirements in its compensator design software, independent tests have shown improved boundary accuracy and uniformity of defined dose treatment.

Lowest risk.
The on-line systems used by Axellis are consistent, secure and provide permanent digital records, with minimal potential for human errors.  Crystalline Tungsten delivers improved dose homogeneity reducing total MU exposure for a given prescribed treatment plan. That’s good for patients and the Linac.

Significant cost-savings, improved planning, and better scheduling.
Axellis compensator molds are lightweight and shipped direct to treatment centers for on-site filling, reducing the cost of freight – an immediate saving for clients. Compared to MLC, Axellis compensators can often enable increased patient throughput due to reduced maintenance requirements or MLC mechanical failures.

Widest range.
Axellis  compensator molds are economically priced and available in a wide range of sizes, enabling treatment of both larger and smaller tumors than MLC or brass compensators.
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Axellis IMRT Compensators

Delivering high resolution IMRT
using Axellis Crystalline Tungsten
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