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There are a wealth of published papers relating to IMRT treatment using compensators and MLC’s.
Axellis would like to express thanks to the authors of the following papers for providing Axellis the
opportunity to reference them on our website. If you are an investigator working in this field and
would like to collaborate or provide citation and reference material please contact us.
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Compensator-intensity-modulated Radiotherapy
A Traditional Tool for Modern Application - A report by Sha Chang
Associate Professor and Chief of Physics & Computing, Department of Radiation Oncology,
University of North Carolina Medical School
Compensators: An Alternative IMRT Delivery Technique
Journal Of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, Vol. 5, No. 3, Summer 2004
Sha X. Chang, Timothy J. Cullip, Katharin M. Deschesne, Elizabeth P. Miller and Julian G. Rosenman
University of North Carolina Medical School,1 Department of Radiation Oncology, Chapel Hill,
North Carolina 27514 U.S.A. Forsyth Memorial Hospital, 2 Department of Radiation Oncology,
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103 U.S.A.
Commissioning of ADAC Pinnacle for IMRT Utilizing Solid Compensators
Willis E Brumley for the degree of Master of Science in Radiation Health Physics
Presented on March 17, 2008
IMRT: Delivery Techniques and Quality Assurance
The British Journal of Radiology, 76 (2003), 766–776 © 2003
The British Institute of Radiology DOI: 10.1259/bjr/12907222
P C WILLIAMS, BSc, MSc, PhD North Western Medical Physics, Christie Hospital, Manchester M20 4BX, UK

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