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Company overview.

From its technical and commercial offices in the USA and UK, Axellis develops and supports its
product suite including ‘best-in-class’ Crystalline Tungsten IMRT Compensators, Proton
compensators and aperture plates, patient imaging and positioning technologies.

Axellis provides clients with cost-effective and high quality outsourced services which enable healthcare professionals to deliver accurate and effective treatments quickly and with minimal patient risk.

The benefits for clinical clients include cost-effectiveness, improved outcomes, improved patient throughput, better utilization of capital eqipment such as inear accelerators and a resultant increase in potential clinic revenues.

Axellis systems are designed to meet the everyday needs of clinicians as well as the research
community, satisfying the highest regulatory standards and backed up with world-class support
services. Technical support is provided for hospital medical physics, engineering and technical
staff in order to allow them to deliver high quality patient treatment, achieve high levels of
performance and productivity from their radiation oncology assets.

Axellis is committed to meeting or exceeding the regulatory requirements in all the markets in which
it operates, and to minimize the environmental impact of its operations.

The company welcomes opportunities of working with partners in new markets in order to provide access to its data processing tools for local providers to deliver services in their own markets. Potential partners or franchisees for the Axellis systems should contact Axellis
via E-mail: enquiry@axellis.com

Axellis is a privately owned company Registered in Delaware; registration number
Trust Axellis
Radiation Oncology Solutions.
The Axellis Client Gateway provides
registered professional users with secure
access to proprietary software tools and
services where you can design, validate,
order, track and record your work.