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Digital Imaging Technology.

Axellis provides discrete, non-invasive anatomical 3D measurement systems for patient positioning,
monitoring and immobilization to ensure consistent, accurate positioning of the patient over multiple
treatment courses and, to enable the off-site manufacture of patient- specific immobilization devices.

Personalized Restraints and Immobilization Devices.

The Axellis system is used in the Treatment Center to capture 3D patient images for input to the
patented Axellis system with which users can design and manufacture tailored restraints and
medical supports for individual patients via the on-line Axellis portal. The camera and control system
is compact and easy to use, conveniently suitable for use in the modern clinic environment where
space may be limited. Web-based access enables users to design and schedule accurate
production of individual restraints for head and neck, breast supports and paediatric restraints for
overnight or next day delivery.

Patient Positioning for Adaptive and Dynamic Radiotherapy.

The Axellis Patient Imaging System can be used to accurately monitor the patient in 3D throughout
a treatment period and from session to session, enabling treatment professionals to make informed
decisions regarding the efficacy of the treatment plan and helping to minimize interruptions to
treatment regimes .

The digital data captured from the patient surface is processed and imported into the Linear
Accelerator Treatment Planning System within 2 seconds; where it can be variously used to monitor
patient movement to control ‘Gating’, provide dynamic dose calculation updates during radiation

The system can also be used to provide guided Stereotactic Radiotherapy for the treatment of
Trigeminal Neuralgia where the system has the potential to significantly improve treatment by reducing
toxicity and improving control rates.

Patient Positioning
Digital imaging technology for dynamic
and adaptive radiotherapy planning.
The Axellis Client Gateway provides
registered professional users with secure
access to proprietary software tools and
services where you can design, validate,
order, track and record your work.