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Axellis - re-defining digital healthcare.

Axellis is an Anglo-American company providing specialist medical data processing capabilities in support of digital design tools and manufacturing of personalised medical devices or treatments. Axellis worksing in collaboration with clinicians, medical physicists and technicians, and leading manufacturers or treatment equipment to develop and deliver high performance products and systems for the worldwide radiation oncology sector and orthopedic/reconstructive surgery sectors.

The Axellis Operating Platform - robust, secure, flexible.

Axellis operates secure, HIPAA compliant websites through which authorised users are able to upload their data onto Axellis servers and select various proprietary data processing capabilities to calculate physical properties and predict clinical performance.
The requirements and terminology of individual clinical specialities varies catered for by separate channels of the Axellis portal; the database structure, which has certain shared commercial features, provides access to bespoke methods particular to a given specialty

Delivering precision personalization.

The Axellis patented products and systems provide greater choice, speed and accuracy over conventional production methods; when linked to modern manufacturing can deliver high quality personalised medical devices for treatment methods at remote locations from regional or centralized operations.

Delivering secure, low-cost, online digital solutions.

Axellis provides clinicians and their support teams of medical technicians and physicists in radiation oncology treatment centers and surgical units with an easy-to-use, outsourced service via secure on-line access. Our system enables users to cost-effectively design, source and monitor various tools to enhance treatment delivery. Axellis uses digital technologies and advanced materials, to deliver ‘best-in-class’ products itself or to provide hospitals and partners in gloibal markets with the tools and controls to produce medical devices to regulatory standards. Axellis products are designed and validated online prior to a client selecting and paying for just exactly what they want, when they want it.

Axellis supports users in the following sectors:

•    Radiation Oncology:- beam modulation, IMRT compensators, bespoke restraints and others in development.
•    Orthopedic and Reconstructive surgery:- medical models, implantable structures
The Axellis Client Gateway provides
registered professional users with secure
access to proprietary software tools and
services where you can design, validate,
order, track and record your work.
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